How to Improve Battery Life in Android ?

How to Improve Battery Life in Android ?

We can do almost anything in the smartphone world. Browse net, locate unknown places, book tickets, capture precious moments, prepare office documents, manage bank accounts or anything else. But there is a big problem or headache for mobile users- power backup. We can use smartphones for maximum one or two days with single charge. Within that time, its battery will reach in red mark and will ask you to charge immediately. How to overcome this situation, especially if you are in a travel ?

You may say that power bank is the only one solution. But it’s not. We can handle the situation to some extent, if make some changes in the settings of the device. Here are some quick tips.



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1. Charge your mobile completely. If you are stopping the charge before it touches 100% mark, battery will be damaged.

2. Unplug the charger as soon as it finished charging. Otherwise you may face overheating problem, that will ultimately affect the battery life.

3. Reduce the screen brightness to the basic level. The settings can be foud in Settings-Display option.

4. Do not use animations, screensavers, live wall papers. It is better to use black color wallpapers and themes as it will use low power than common images.

5. Reduce screen timeout. Always set the timeout in between 15 sec to 25 sec.

6. Use vibrations only when it needs. But it will consume more charging.

7. Use only one application at a time. Applications working in background will reduce the charging and may cause to slow down the mobile.

8. Install and use required apps, games only. It may affect battery backup even though you are not using them. You can follow battery consumption of each app by going to the Settings- Apps.

9. Use Greenify like utility apps. Greenify will help you to lock unwanted apps that running in background and consumes system memory. Clean Master is another good alternative.

10. Switch off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G when you are not using it.

11. Switch off or increase alert intervals of social media notifications.

12. Download advertisement free apps and games. Such apps will upload our details to the server for showing location based ads. In short, it may affect our data plans too. You can remove such ads by using Luckypatcher app.

13. Use airplane mode in low or no coverage area. Mobile phones always want to connect with the service providers and they will use more battery power in low coverage areas while accessing to network.

14. Place mobiles near to the windows where you will get more signal bars than the inside. It is useful for longer backup.

15. Place mobiles in normal or cool surfaces. Do not put them near to other electronic devices or on hot surfaces.

16. It is better to use head phones than speaker mode.

17. Do not play games, watch games for a long time as it may results in battery overheating.

18. Activate power saving mode on the device.

19. Update softwares regularly. Outdated programs may consume more battery.

20. Analyze standby time and talktime of a mobile by going to the respected sites and mobile comparison portals, before making purchase. You can follow reviews of the experts and certified buyers too for the purpose.


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