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Top 5 Apps for Rooted Phones

Smartphone devices are preloaded with lots of apps and games. They will consume a good amount of  battery and results in extra data billing even though we are not using them. How to overcome this terrible situation ?

Root the device. Rooting gives us full control on Android and it also helps us to uninstall or freeze any factory loaded apps easily. Millions of customization options are another important advantage of rooting. We can install any themes, fonts, apps on the phone despite of the manufacturer and model number. But rooting carries some disadvantages also. We will lost the company warranty and some times the phone may damage during the rooting process it self. So it is better to contact a service expert in advance for rooting the phone.

These are the top 5 apps for rooted phones which gives you full control as well as bags of advanced features on the device.

1) Greenify

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Greenify is a powerful app to save your battery charging. It puts background running apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery. Hibernate is not like “freeze” in other utility programs, you can use such apps any time by clicking on their icons in app drawer. Greenify just prevents them from leeching the battery, but makes sure their full functionality for calls, messages, chat etc.

2) ROM Toolbox Pro

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ROM Toolbox is a great customization tool for Android. It offers unlimited functionalities like backup, restore, freeze, unfreeze,uninstall, access hidden files, manage apps, DNS changer and more in rooted phones. It lets you customize boot animations, install fonts, install themes, unlock hidden features, customize status bar etc also. In short, it is a must have app for rooted phones.

3) Titanium Backup

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Titanium Backup is another advanced tool to backup, restore apps and other contents in your phone.

◆ Scheduled Backup

◆ Single click restore

◆ Freeze/Unfreeze apps

◆ Advanced cache cleaner

◆ Send backup to cloud and email

4) App Quarantine Pro ROOT/FREEZE

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App Quarantine is a great tool to hide/lock apps that you don’t need very often. But apps will be regularly updated even though they are in quarantine. Grouping apps into separate categories is another advantage of this app.

5) Root Browser

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Root Browser is an indepth file manager for rooted devices. You can browse through hidden file systems of Android in a unique way !

◆ Copy/paste any file, folder

◆ Explore all types of files including apk, jar etc

◆ Change file permission and ownership

◆ Extract zip files

◆ View, edit any file

◆ Send files via email

◆ Many more