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Best Free SMS Apps for Android


Smartphone messaging is an important way of communication. We can’t assume a person without a smartphone or even a phone now a days. As you know, messaging is more powerful than phone calls, at least in some times because we can use suitable stickers, emojis or anything else that matches to the situation there.

But is stock messaging app in Android enough to do this job ?

Certainly, not. That’s why we are going for alternatives in App store.

These are the popular SMS apps for Android.

1)GO SMS Pro

Go SMS is a fabulous messaging app which I am using since when I started using Android. It has attractive interface, beautiful themes and advanced features like private box, blocker, theme DIY etc. You can customize the look of app by installing your own or latest fonts too. It lets you use from thousands of emojis, stickers to send while messaging.

2) Textra SMS

Textra is pretty cool, simple alternative to default messaging app in Android. You can customize almost anything, including colors, themes, font sizes, emoji styles and various actions. It provides hundreds of material design themes and over 2000 emojis to make your communication more simple and powerful.

3) Zero SMS

Zero is a tiny, super fast messaging app from the team of Go SMS. It comes with almost all the features of GO SMS Pro, but occupies less than 2MB storage size. Zero delivers lovely messaging experience with hundreds of rich themes, more than 800 emojis and of course, with fastest experience too.

4) Messaging SMS

Messaging is another simple replacement of stock Android’s messaging app. You will love it bacause of simplicity, cute designs and other powerful tools that makes your messaging more better.

5) Handcent SMS

Handcent is another popular option for texting from phone. It lets you send messages from PC and Tablets as well. Like other SMS app, we already mentioned, it provides hundreds of themes, emojis, stickers and advanced tools to change color, style, fonts and so on.

6) Chomp SMS

Chomp is another free messaging solution from the makers of Textra, Delicious Inc. It contains hundreds of free themes, skins, font styles and other features we already saw in other SMS apps.

Most of these applications come with similar features and specifications including themes, tools and option to divert your private messages into a separate vault. Which is your favorite among them ? Or do you have any other suggestions ?