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10 Best Task Manager for Android – Best of 2017

Today on AndroidConnections.com, we are listing 10 best task managers for Android. On Google Play Store, you can find a wide range of free and paid task managers.

If you are looking for best task managers to try in 2017, you are at the right place. Here we go with the best on the Play Store.

Advanced Task Manager

This is one of the best Task Managers you can use for absolutely free. Advanced task manager works on Android Nougat 7.0 with the latest system update. Here we go with some of the best features of Advanced Task Manager.

  • Kill selected tasks
  • RAM Cleaner
  • CPU lagging monitor (Remind user if CPU lagged by some apps)
  • AntiVirus – Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported)
  • Android optimizer
  • Ignore apps when kill tasks
  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off
  • Support all android version
  • Startup Kill

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer comes next into our list. It doesn’t speed up or save battery directly. However, if you kill any apps consuming battery or CPU, you might feel it speed up your phone and saved your battery.

  • Ignore List
  • One tap widget
  • Auto kill
  • Customize item height


ShutApp is the task manager I use for more than 2 years. It perfectly kills background apps Closed apps will not restart.

  • One tap and quickly close battery-draining apps. Closed apps will not get the restart.
  • Auto shut down background apps on unrooted phones.
  • Receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall
  • Easy look up to see what apps are running and quickly stop them with one tap.
  • Whitelist option available to exclude important apps from hibernation.

Task Manager (Task Killer)

Task Manager comes next into our list. Task Manager is a free One-stop task manager that Monitor and kill task, speed up the phone, and save battery.

  • 1 widget to monitor memory usage, fast kill task or launch application when click.
  • Kill task to free memory.
  • Sort task by name.
  •  Auto-kill task when screen turns off.
  • Ignore preferred application when kill.
  • Bulk select and rich notification.
  • Directly force stop task for rooted device.

SystemPanel App / Task Manager

SystemPanel App is a paid app you need to spend $2.49 to use this service. It helps you to solve your battery life problem by enabling the background monitoring service to record long-term CPU usage by individual apps.


CCleaner is a popular app that removes junk, reclaims space, monitor your system and browse safely. Here we go with some of the best features of CCleaner.

  • Speed up your phone and remove junk safely
  • Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more
  • Delete call logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact
  • Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
  • Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage
  • Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate

ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager comes next into our list. It is one of the best task manager app recommended by most of the blogs and experts. Note that Uninstall the older version first before installation if you meet issues such as widget disappear, cannot start. etc.

  • Save Battery
  • Free Memory
  • Kill Task
  • Uninstall App
  • Speed up the phone


Greenify Featured as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 as one of the Best Android Apps of that year. Greenify never collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to automate things.

Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Watch Dog Task Manager stop killing your apps randomly that drains your battery. Watchdog monitors your apps and alerts when one loses control, allowing you to kill just that single app.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager

The app kills apps, clean cache, free memory and speed up your android phone. 40,000,000+ people are using GO Cleaner & Task Manager to save their system battery drain. Here we go with some notable features of the app.

  • One click to kill running tasks and free memory
  • Delete private records of your online and off-line activities, such as browsing data, search records, call logs, etc.
  • Clean cache to speed up your phone

These are our Best Task Manager apps for Android.