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How to Add Your Emergency Information in Android Nougat

Image Credit: Updato We lock smartphone devices for security purposes. But bad things may happen any time. If something happened to you, how can others access your emergency information ? I mean your address, emergency contacts and health conditions. No one can open your phone unless he is a hacker. Don’t expect a hacker always

How to Get Cortana App on Your Android Lock Screen

Image Credit : The Next Web We are familiar with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant app. It is launched nearly three years back and do excellent job on various OS platforms. How do you feel if Cortana is available on your Android lock screen to obey your orders ? Soon you will be able to place

Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps for Android

We have habit of changing phone wallpapers at frequent intervals. Each time we go to image gallery, select a particular image and set it as wallpaper for home screen. But how do you feel if you are able to change wallpapers automatically on a scheduled time or by location and more. These are the best

How to Activate Google Now in Android Nougat

Google Now is an intelligent voice assistant from the search giant. It lets you perform almost any task on smartphone and computer using voice commands. It can be used to control your device, call a specific person, create reminders, check email/weather/maps/news and many more. Hold on Home button of your Android device, to activate Google