Top 5 Grocery List Apps for Android

We all interested in shopping. But do you know what is the most complex part of making purchases ? Preparing and managing shopping list. It is difficult to remember all items you want during shopping and get best deal prices on them. There is a simple solution to overcome this problem. Install proper grocery list apps on your smartphone devices.

We have listed best 5 grocery list apps here which will help you to plan your list, save them in separate categories, synchronise it between devices and more.

1) Mighty Grocery Shopping List

Grocery List Apps

It is a fantastic shopping app with beautiful interface and advanced features. It lets you prepare lists and put them in separate categories like groceries, vegetables and fruites, bakery, hardwares, medicines etc.

• Shopping history

• Coupon indicator to get best deals

• Multiple shopping lists

• Pantry lists, todo lists

• Price and quantity

• Voice recognition

• Product catalog

• Fantastic themes

• Compare prices across the stores

2) Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List Pro

Grocery List Apps

Buy Me a Pie is another fantastic app that lets you save money as well as time in shopping. You can group items in various categories by assigning a separate color to them. Sharing, synchronising list with family/friends, self learning dictionary are other major features of this app.

3) Out of Milk Shopping List

Grocery List Apps

Out of Milk is a brilliant choice as it effectively combines most modern functionalities with easy to use interface.

• Plan and track lists

• Find coupons to save money

• Group items in categories

• Sync and share list with others

• Remembers past hostory

• Add list widget to your home screen

4) Our Groceries Shopping List

Grocery List Apps

OurGroceries sync and updates shopping list on every family member’s phone in seconds. It means you will have the latest list on the device with newly added or removed items.

• Product categories

• Remembers past shopping history

• Multiple shopping lists

5) Shopping list voice input PRO

Grocery List Apps

A great companion for your shopping with voice recognition feature. It is very useful to shop on a limited budget as well.

• Multiple shopping lists

• Sync and share lists across devices

• Stylish design, easy to use

• Create lists by speaking (via Google Voice)

• Notifications for shopping



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