How to Find your Flight Information in Inbox by Google

Google has launched their revolutionary email app, Inbox, in the last month. Currently it is open for invitees only similar to the initial stage of Gmail. If you didn’t get the invite yet, contact any of your friends who are already using the service or mail to [email protected] for invite.

The Inbox by Google will organize all your mails into separate categories. It will show all promotional mails into ‘Promos’ section, social media notifications into ‘Social’ section, banking/payment related mails into ‘Finance’ etc. Categories like Travel, Purchases are the other notable features of Inbox. Travel
category will cover mails relating to flight/rail information, hotel booking etc. You can find payment bills of online purchases under Purchases head.

To find out your flight details, just type ‘ When is my next flight’ on the top side search box. It will bring your flight booking information along with the destination details and option to manage the reservation. It will also show the related mails at the bottom side.

We can obviously say that Inbox is an appreciable effort from the technology giant for the next generations. Just like travel information, you can ask any queries in the search box and Google will show all relevant communications based on the key words you have entered.

Google Inbox is currently available on Android, iOS platforms and Google Chrome only.

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