How to Back Up Your Android Phone

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Your smartphone is very precious one. It will have beautiful moments of the life in the form of photos and videos. It may have your important office works or banking, credit card information, statements. Contact numbers, messages, apps, games, themes, songs are some other items you are mostly stored on a phone. One day, the phone is dropped or accidently damaged. What will happen ?

You can buy a new better smartphone, I know. But the information stored on the phone will lost for ever if backup is not made in advance. Can you imagine a moment when you realize that your favorite snaps, boss’s phone number, message from your spouce are vanished into thin air ? Certainly not.

To avoid these terrible experiences, you can make use of built in feature of Android or go for advanced third party apps. On your device, tap on Settings → Backup & Reset → Select Backup my data and Automatic restore. Here you need to choose Gmail account to which you need to sync the data. Later you can restore the contents with above selected Google account.

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If you want to go for third party options, Titanium Backup is one of the top choices. It is useful for app freezing, cache cleaning as well but the app will work on rooted devices only. Others can choose from the following options.

1) G Cloud Backup

How to Back Up Your Android Phone 2

Fantastic app to backup your entire contents on the phone like Messages, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos, music and memory cards. It lets you access and view all backedup files in the official site of the app. Auto backup and password protection are some other advantages of G Cloud app.

2) Mobile Backup & Restore

How to Back Up Your Android Phone 3

Avast backup is another useful feature. It will store all your contacts, messages, call logs photos, music, videos and apps.

3) Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

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Super Backup is a popular app for Android to store apps, contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, data etc. It need root access for some services like backup and restore of apps or connecting to SD card etc

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