Best Free Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter, it’s not just another social network. Twitter is considered as a source of breaking news and also a social search engine that will help you to digg in to news and reports.

There are a lot of Twitter apps are available that will help you to mange multiple Twitter accounts easily. Which app is best? Which is free? Today we are listing the best free Twitter apps for Android.

1. Plume

Plume is our best in this list. Plume is a beautiful and completely customizable Twitter app that will help you to mange multiple Twitter accounts easily. Users can colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter.

It has Facebook support as well as live streaming support.


2. TweetCaster

TweetCaster is one of the most popular app to mange your Twitter accounts. TweetCaster has a lot of features, can easily  post to multiple Twitter accounts, allows simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook.

TweetCaster is both optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. TweetCaster My stats available Up-to-the-minute tally of stats includes Most Retweeted, Most Mentioned, Most Favorited etc.


3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is next n our list. Hootsuite is not just a Twitter account management app, but its supports multiple social networks like Facebook profile, Facebook pages LinkedIn, Foursquare etc.

Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social network accounts and has over 9 million users.


4. UberSocial for Twitter

UberSocial for Twitter is a good app with features you’d expect out of a Twitter app like muting hashtags and theming. UberSocial menu settings is places well for quick & easy access, add your most-used features to the UberMenu.

UberSocial comes with color themes to enhance your Tweeting experience and you can view rich media in real-time.


5. Seesmic

Seesmic was acquired by Hootsuite in 2012, one of the first Twitter apps to include Facebook support. Seesmic is really professional with cool user interface and quick access.

With Seesmic you can cross-post to multiple Twitter and Facebook profiles at the same time and can schedule your posts ahead of time. Seesmic is highly recommended you’re an avid user of both Twitter and Facebook.


6. Twidere

Not much popular app for Twitter but it had some roles. Twidere is Free Open source app that ensures no ads forever. Twidere offers Dark,Light, Transparent theme, and you can customize those themes.

Twidere is licensed under GPLv3, source code is available in my Github and Google code page.

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