How to Fix Phone overheat and Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem on Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been launched recently with stylish look and powerful features. Its consider as one of the best smartphones launched on 2014.

The Smartphone released on August 2014 and its design, feature and performance gives nice ratings on sites like GSMArena. Some users are getting issues with Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

We recently published quick tip about Fix Poor Battery Backup Issue on Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is certainly a very good smartphone but it had some more issues with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Phone overheat.

Here is the solution to fix phone overheat and Wi-Fi Connectivity problem on Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

1. Phone Overheat

We heard lot of Galaxy Alpha users  have found their smartphone overheating often. Here is the potential solution.

1. Restart your device. Hold down the Power button on the device and “Restart”when the option shows on home screen.

2. Go to your settings and turn off Dynamic perspective.

3. Go to your settings>Applications and force-closing un necessary apps that running in the background.

4. Ensure that your device is system is up to date. Go to your settings > device > install system updates > check now.

2. Problems Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. Ensure the wireless settings of your router and ensure wireless connection is working properly.

2. Check signal strength. Ensure that you are connected to powerful signal strength.

3. Go to your Wi-Fi settings. Turn off your Wi-Fi and wait for at least a minute. Then turn on your Wi-Fi.

4. Forgetting wireless networks allow your Android Device to reset some settings. To do this go to your settings>Wi-Fi>Press & hold your Net Work Name (SSID) for 2 seconds. Select Forget Network>Re-Connect your wireless networks.

5. Please try other wireless connections if available.

6. Reset your Device (Not Recommended). The steps above were not able to solve internet connection problem contact your networking provider for technical support.

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