How to Change Font on Android Device

You can change launchers, themes, wallpapers, icons etc on Android. But what about font ?

If it too can be changed, your phone will appear in pure redesigned look. Believe me, it’s very easy task. You can change the font in easy steps. Are you ready to enjoy the new refreshing experience your device ?

First of all, you need to go to Settings menu. Find Display option, then click on Font. You can see the available fonts on the device, there and if you are not satisfied with them click on download button to search others.

Some phones or tablets may not have the above option. In such case, you need to install third part font apps from Google Play Store.

Before downloading, confirm whether it requires root access or not. A number of font apps will work on rooted devices only. If you need to change just folder-icon fonts and not system fonts, go for font app which is applicable to your launchers. It will change the font style of your launcher menu, icons and folders.

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