How to Schedule Messages on Samsung Galaxy S5

Messege scheduling is an interesting feature on Samsung Galaxy S5. It lets you send texts any time, even in the midnight when you are in deep sleep.

Suppose, tomorrow is your spouce’s birthday and you want to wish her at the very next moment of date starts. You can schedule a message on 12 am and it will be sent at the same time without any key press or even your presence. You wife will be surprised how did you the message during the sleep, if she’s not aware about S5’s feature.

To use the service, just follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Message menu, then pick recipient and type your message
  2. After finishing the text, tap on three dots in the top right corner to open associated features
  3. Select Schedule Message from the slide menu
  4. Choose date and time of the message to send
  5. Now Send button will be changed to a Schedule icon. Just click on that. Your message will be sent at the scheduled time and no need to perform any further actions for that.

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