How to customize App icons and Shortcut Buttons on LG G3

LG G3 is a fantastic device with lots of advanced features and functions. It lets you customize default app icons and enable shortcut buttons in easy steps. Now we are going to check how we can customize the device in such ways.

Customize App icons

To customize the look and feel of app icons, we need to rely on third party icon packs usually. There are several types of icon managers are available in Google Play store, just install and choose your favorites. That’ all. But if you are a LG G3 owner, things may change. Then, you won’t need any of such apps as the smartphone comes with the inbuilt features to edit app icons.



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To edit a particular app icon, long press on the same until it turn into edit mode. Now you can see a small paintbrush icon in upper right corner of the application. Click on that. Then, it will display alternative icons available in the system. Choose from them to apply. If you are not satisfied, import icons from media library. It means you are able to design icons via drawing apps and use it as app launches in LG G3.

Enable Shortcut Buttons

Most of us are locking our Android either by way of pattern or passcode for security purposes. But what will do, if you want to snap a photo or write a note suddenly?

Go for device unlock, press relevant apps to make use of it. Right ? But time won’t wait for you even for milliseconds. Suppose, you was going to snap picture of a celebrity who coincidentally appears in front of you and he or she will go away within the time you opens the camera app. You could have save some time if are activated the shortcut button well in advance.

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To activate the function in LG G3 follow these steps. Go to Settings, at the bottom you can find ‘Shortcut key’ option. Switch on that.

Now lock the device and hold any of volume buttons on the back. The volume down button lets you quickly snap a photo while volume up button is to write notes. You can’t customize these actions as they are factory loaded. You can make use of these shortcuts even though the phone and screen is locked.

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