Best Personal Finance Apps for Android

Stay in Budget. Managing your expense and budgeting could be a tough task if you are just writing your expenses in notes.

For a great budget plan you should have good decisions over spending, saving, investing etc. Its not easy to manage all these without a proper structure of plans.

Today we are listing some best personal finance apps of 2015 for your Android that will help you to make a great finance planner easily.

1. Mint

Mint is a free and web based personal finance app that plug in to all of your banks, investments, credit cards and other financial accounts easily. With Mint app you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, and save more money.

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Mint will automatically categorize banking and credit card transactions so you don’t need more worry about that. Mint recently added some features like recent transactions, fee alerts, fast approaching budgets, high spending alerts etc.


2. Expense Manager

Expense Manager is  our next best personal finance manager app of 2015. Expense Manager is simple budget tool, stable and feature-rich app.

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You can track your expenses and incomes by week, month and year or by categories. You can set payment alerts and chooses to auto backup on Dropbox, Google Drive and SD Card backup or download account activities in CSV for desktop software.


3. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a free money manager for budget planning and personal finance management. Goodbudget is available on the web too so you can automatically sync your works across smartphones and web. With the help of Goodbudget web feature you can download transactions to CSV.


4. Level Money

Level Money is a free award winning personal finance app. Its a really simple tool with basic functions like how much you have to spend daily, weekly, and monthly.

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Level Money is a read only app with no direct access to your money, so your funds remain safely with 128-Bit SSL and AES encryption.


5. Personal Capital Finance

Personal Capital Finance is another award winning app that helps you to manage your personal finance easily. Personal capital finance has been listed on Google’s Editors Choice list some of the best Android apps on Google Play.

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With the app you can easily control your spending and finances with interactive cash flow tools. In a single view you can see your checking & saving accounts, credit card spending, and investment performance.


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