Samsung Galaxy Core Advance vs. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung has produced both premium looking and budget friendly smartphones for its users.

The price range for the premium and budget friendly phones has been decent enough to be affordable by middle class society. Affordability is a major factor for Samsung’s popularity with its users.The Galaxy Grand Neo from Samsung was released silently, without much clamor.


However, the spec sheet foretells the strategy for silently launching the smartphone. The Grand Neo consists of various weaker points. In comparison to last year released Galaxy Grand and Grand 2 smartphones, the Grand Neo loses the punch to lure the user. Regardless, the Grand Neo offers the user a bigger 5-inch display, 5MP snapper with the LED flash feature, quad-core processing unit and decent HSPA+ connectivity @21Mbps. These specs are decent enough, if not superior.


The Galaxy Core Advance is a medium range offering from Samsung. The smartphone comes at an affordable price and offers a decent spec sheet. Matching the Grand Neo to Grand Core Advance with respect to the processing unit, memory, interface and functionality would help you understand both the smartphones in a better manner.

Processing Unit and Memory

Comparing the hardware spec sheet, the Grand Core Advance offers a decent dual-core processing unit, set to run at top speed of 1.2GHz. The 1GB of RAM along with 8GB of internal storage capacity, which can be expanded up to 64GB, ensures smooth operations of the smartphone. The phone can aptly handle simple tasks, but succumbs to heavy gaming pressure. A moderate 2000-mAh capacity of battery powers the smartphone with a decent battery life.

In comparison, the Grand Neo includes BCM23550 based quad core CortexA7 processing unit, clocked at a top frequency of 1.2GHz. A similar 1GB of RAM accompanied with a lower 8GB of internal memory, with an expandable microSD card slot makes sure the smartphone operates smoothly. The Grand Neo also stutters when handling intensive tasks, but performs smoothly when handling simple tasks. A slightly bigger 2100-mAh capacity of the battery unit powers the Grand Neo smartphone offering a talk time of 11 hours in 3G, 10 hours of web browsing and 8 hours of video playback. For a decent spec sheet, the figures are impressive.

Interface and Functionality

The Galaxy Core Advance runs on the Jelly Bean based Android 4.2 OS. In addition, pre-loaded applications such as S Voice, Sound and Shot, S Translator, Easy Mode and more offer a good smartphone experience to the user. Moreover, a range of accessibility applications such as Optical Scan is company fitted in the smartphone.

In comparison, the Grand Neo runs on the Jelly Bean based Android 4.2 OS coupled with the TouchWiz Nature UX user interface. Despite Samsung being quiet on upgrading the OS to KitKat, which aims to provide visual enhancements to the smartphone, the Nature UX technology does the same for Grand Neo. The transparent bar and full screen wallpaper is already available with the Nature UX user interface. The TouchWiz UI from Samsung offers Multi-Window and Smart Stay features to the user.

In addition, the functionality on both the smartphones offer the user with a superior typing experience on bigger screens. However, a single hand usage would be tough for the user. Nonetheless, the smartphones offer Swipe-like feature to suggest the right word.

Image Source : Samsung

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