30 Must Have Android Apps for Professionals 2015

While there are plenty of Android apps built for entertainment and more than a few for pleasure and pass times, professionals need apps that work as hard as they do.

To help you leverage your Android devices to help you get your work done and increase your professional image, here are 30 must have apps.


1)  Bloomberg Professional. This app delivers all the business, finance, and market news you’ll need every day. But it also serves u hard core market and company data which can give you insights and leads in business prospects as well as investment opportunities. Free.

2)  Quadrant Professional Edition. Quadrant is a CPU, I/O and 3D graphics benchmark that you can use to measure your device’s hardware performance in these three areas. It completes its computations in just a few minutes and provides you a graph that compares your device with other popular devices. In short, you can see if you have the right device to do the computing you need to do. $24.99

3)  Photo Editor Professional. This photo editing app will help you improve, crop and otherwise manipulate photos you take with your phone so they look professional in blog posts, newsletters, and professional social media accounts. Free.

4)  Math Professional. This app is the ultimate math tool for your mobile device. You can use this app features, which are comparable to an advanced scientific calculator, online or off.  If it can be calculated and plotted, this app can do it! $3.26

5)  Graph Professional. This app is a powerful function drawer. It supports most functions, uses up to 13 parameters, and limitless amounts of equations, among other great usability factors. $1.99

6)  Pro Interpreter-Translator. Use this app to translate voice and text communications. This app supports Italian, Bulgarian Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Estonian, English, Farsi (Persian), Haitian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Slovenian, Spanish, Malay, Hmong Daw, Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Urdu and Vietnamese. Free.

7) Professional Text Modifier. This app provides an easy means to modify text in files on your mobile device. Find and replace words, merge text, remove empty lines, change file names, and other functions.

8) CV Maker Professional. Ran across a job opportunity unexpectedly did you? This app will enable you to create a professional looking CV in seconds and email it right away straight from your mobile device. Free.

9) Professional Photo Editor. This app provides more than 20 filters and effects for photos for presentations, blog posts and posts on professional social media accounts. Free.

10) Netstat Professional. This app checks the security status of your phone’s network connection.  It provides real-time whois info and real-time IP, port and status information among other important revelations. Free.

11) PrivateGSM Professional. This app enables you to safely and legally encrypt your phone calls through the VoIP Internet Protocol on your own server or on PrivateWave’s hosted server. Free.

12) Winscribe Professional. This is a dictation app for legal and professional users. It allows you to dictate, send it off for transcription and then receive the transcription for review on your mobile device. Some features are free for all users but to use all the features you need to have a WinScribe server license.

13) Business Ringtone Professional. This app provides over 50 professional ringtones and alerts. With this app, your phone sounds will have professional polish and yet be distinctive enough that you won’t reach for your phone every time a nearby phone sounds off with the default ringtone. Free.

14) Call Recorder Professional. This app enables you to record calls on your Android device. You can then store the recordings wherever – even to Dropbox – sort them by several different filters, sync to your contacts, delete or mark them for “forever” storage, and other useful phone conversation management functions. $5.95

15) Sales Professional. This app is designed primarily for medical sales representatives. It enables product and scheduling management as well as analytical reports to improve sales activities. Free.

16) ICD 10 Professional. Use this app to search the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) by code or diagnosis. You can also bookmark diseases of interest for ease in future reference. $1.99

17) HON Professional. This app provides professional backup and support for small business owners and independent home inspection professionals. It’s an instant connection to a network of home inspections and system and component pros, such as those in electrical or heating and air industries. Take a pic of whatever you’re inspecting, share it with the community, and bingo you have expert opinions to consider. Free.

18) Qustodio Professional. This app enables you to see and manage device and Internet use in your organization or business. Key features include content filtering for a clean and safe web experience (this feature is typically used in school and child-friendly environments), time controls for device access, app controls, and mobile device location tracking. Free.

19) Notepad professional. This app makes it possible to write, edit, share and store notes on your Android device. It can help you organize both your work and your home life, because who can really tell where one ends and the other begins? But no worries, you can separate notes in files. $3.65

20) Calendar Professional. Yes, this is a calendar app but it is its added features such as the ability to pin pictures, notes, and voice recordings to meetings that makes it stand out from other calendar apps. Free.

21) Safety Notes – Professional. This app enables you to make notes and secure them on your device. This can be helpful especially in securing work notes from prying eyes. Free.

22) Professional Clinical Tools. This app is a professional mobile toolkit for healthcare practitioners such as optometrists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, medical doctors, optometric technicians, nurses, EMTs, and medical assistants. It contains high-resolution basic clinical testing tools for use and easy reference on an Android mobile device. $19.99.

23) Professional File Converter. This app enables you to convert files types of nearly any kind to a wide variety of different formats. Free.

24) Sales Manager. This app makes professional sales invoices in the field and on the go. You can’t get paid until you bill, so bill faster from your mobile device rather than wait until you get back to the office. Free.

25) Pipedrive – Sales CRM. This app helps you stay on top of your sales pipeline by providing you instantly with customer info and contact details, sales meetings and notes, and other information. It’s free but it requires a Pipedrive account.

26) TapPOS Inventory Sales Free. This is a POS register/Inventory Management/Statistics/Accounting/Bookkeeping app. With it you can stay on top of your payment registers, inventory, stock numbers and movement, payment register, and other inventory sales information. Free.

27) Google My Business. This app is made by Google so you know it’s going to work seamlessly. It enables you to connect directly with your customers who are using Google Maps, Google Search or Google +. You can use this app to update your business info on all three, share news and updates, read customer reviews, and get custom insights on how your business is showing up on Google. Free.

28) Business Tasks. This app is a business task organizer that synchronizes with Google Tasks and Toodledo. Sorting and drag and drop tools make it easy to use as do color coded lists and configurable smartlists. It’s the ultimate tool for keeping your work on course and preventing anything from falling through the cracks. Free

29) Business Dictionary. This app provides a business glossary with over 30,000 definitions in business, finance, and investing for easy reference. Free.

30) The 5 Minute Business Plan. Creat your own business plan in five minutes using this app that draws from HyperQuestions’ experience in creating over 8500 business plans across 52 countries. Requires 90% less typing than traditional business planning methods and your one page business plan will come back to you completed in 5 minutes or less via email or online. Free

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