How to Fix Slow charging and Bluetooth Connection Bugs on Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 is popular choice in phablet market with attractive features and specifications. It’s very fast, offers gorgeous display and superior camera to meet your photographic needs. But naturally, the device is not free from some common faults and complaints.

Now we can check slow charging and bluetooth connection problems with Nexus 6 and know how to fix them.

Slow charging

Slow charging is one of the main issues with Nexus 6 smartphone. It will be a big headache for you especially when you are in travel or in busy work schedule. No one can adjust the situation if cell phone takes long time to touch even 50% charging mark.

  • Remove or disable unwanted apps from the device. Some apps will consume huge battery power and results in unnecessary battery drain. Don’t know how to Remove Pre-Installed Apps from Android Phones ? Read this post.
  • Use task killers to stop apps running in background. It’s better practise to use exit button of app or back button of the device to quit from a particular app/game.
  • Do not break the charge in between. Frequent disconnection during charging may affect your battery life.
  • Do not use the phone when it’s charging.
  • Install apps from Play Store or other reliable sources only. Apps from unknown sites may have some malwares. It may steal your personal information from the phone and affects charging too. So reboot the phone into safe mode and connect to any power source. If it charges faster, there’s some faulty apps on the device. Try to remove one by one or do factory reset.
  • Use some reliable apps to check your battery health statistics.
  • Make sure your charger and cable are working fine.

Problems with Bluetooth connection

If you have any issues with bluetooth connection on Nexus 6, follow these steps.

  • Switch off bluetooth when not in use.
  • If you are unable to transfer files, switch off/on the bluetooth and check whether you are able to transfer or not.
  • Clear cache, data by going to Settings- Apps- All- Bluetooth- Clear Cache/Clear Data.

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