OnePlus One vs OnePlus Two – Specs & Price

Comparison between OnePlus One and OnePlus Two:
OnePlus Two is expected to feature a bigger 5.5 inch screen. The screen feature a quad HD resolution screen of 2,560 x 1,440. This would be an improvement on the OnePlus One Device which just has a 5.5 inch display screen that simply offered full HD resolution,Full HD.


  1.  OnePlus One, the sequel phone, OnePlus Two may feature a microSD memory card expansion slot. It is also possible that this new OnePlus model will have a slot for an additional SIM card.
  2. OnePlus One is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor backed by 3 GB’s of RAM. Although OnePlus Two may have similar RAM size, it is expected to feature a much stronger 805 or 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  3. Both OnePlus One and OnePlus Two are available in two memory sizes, 16GB & 64GB.
  4. Another notable difference between the OnePlus One and Two will be with regard to the phone’s battery sizes. The OnePlus One features a 3,100 mAh non removable battery. However, the OnePlus Two will have a bigger battery with a capacity of 3,300 mAh.
  5. Obviously, there will also be differences in the operating systems present in either smartphones as well.The OnePlus One has an older Android KitKat OS, OnePlus will have an Android version that will be much more recent, the Android Lollipop.
  6. There will also be slight differences in the camera capabilities between the two smartphones. Although the size of the secondary cameras in the two phones will be similar at 5 MP, the rear camera in the OnePlus Two will be much stronger at 16 MP compared to the primary camera in the OnePlus One, which is 13 MP.

Price :

* 300$ price tag on the OnePlus One underpinned its success in the high end smartphone market. OnePlus One Two, company is keen not to go beyond a 500$ price point to keep this smartphone affordable, despite its premium features.



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