Clash of Clans (Top 6 Tricks you need to Use)

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games for iOS and Android devices.Clash of Clans is Strategy Game,Today we will show you some tactics about Attacks,Defence,Strategies and other…

Top Tactics:

1. You need to get stars in order to win.


Remember what you get stars for:

  1. Destroying the enemy Town Hall
  2. Destroying 50% of the base
  3. Destroying 100% of the base

2.You Need to Wait until your Army Camps are full

Never raid a village if you don’t have your army camps full. Sometimes, the last 4-5 troops can help you destroy the entire village. It would be a pity to lose a good amount of resources for 7-8 more you need to wait until your army camp is Full and THEN ATTACT.

3.Saving Your Gems

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will get 500 Gems for free. By completing the tutorial you will spend about 50 gems for constructing some buildings instantly. However, you can skip spending gems and just keep them for something that will be more useful for you: the Builder Huts.
You can have a max of 5 Builder Huts:

Builder 1: The first one you get for free
Builder 2: 250 Gems
Builder 3: 500 Gems
Builder 4: 1000 Gems
Builder 5: 2000 Gems

4.If you quit you can’t win

If you Quit the battle you Lose.


When you upgrade Town Hall to level 3, you’re going to have three defensive structures at your disposal – the cannon, the archer tower, and your first mortar.

6. Check The Replay

You Need To Check The Replay after every attack you make,The most powerful thing you have at your disposal is the replay from the best attack against each base. Remember that the enemy can no longer make changes to their War Base or their Clan Castle, so whatever traps and troops you see in the replay are what you’re going to get during your second attack. You can often find out where their Hidden Teslas are, for instance.

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