Best Android Apps to Download Instagram Videos

Instagram is one of the popular social networking platform where millions of images and videos are shared by users everyday.

One of the major problem users facing while using Instgram is its really irritating that Instagram is asking users to crop while we try to post group photos. For that we already published Android Apps to post full sized photos on Instagram without Cropping.

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Instagram doesn’t allows users to download images or videos directly from the app. Now it’s  time to publish the best Android Apps to download Instagram videos. Here we go.

1. EasyDownloader for Instagram

Easydownloader for Instagram is one of the best Android app used to download Instagram videos and images. Its really easy to use.

1. Ensure that you have installed Instagram app on your device

2. Open EasyDawnloader app

3. Open Instagram app

4. Tap the three dots under on a post and choose Copy Share URL.

5. The content will be saved to your device’s gallery

EasyDownloader for Instagram doesn’t allows you to download content from users that have their posts marked as private.

2. iGetter

iGetter is the second on our list. iGetter is working similar to EasyDownloader. Like that you just need to Tap the three dots under on a post and choose Copy Share URL, paste the URL and download the video or image.

iGetter is rated with more 5 stars on the Android Play Store and its working perfectly without any errors.

3. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram is the next Instagram video and image downloader in our list. This tool can be used to download videos and images from public profiles only.

On Instagram post, click Copy Share URL, Get back to the app, long press in the text field and click paste and download.

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