How to Prevent Others From Accessing Your Android Apps

We store lots of our personal information on smartphones like photos, videos and messages. Some times we hand over the device to friends for making calls or sending messages. But what will you do if they go through your private records ?

It’s difficult to watch others always to know what they are doing on your phone. So it is better to install some security apps to provide others limited access to your phone. Such app lock apps are ideal to protect your details as well as save data bills by restricting access to browsers.

These are the popular apps in the category:

1) AppLock

It lets you lock any app, settings, contacts, call log, messages, gallary using pattern or password. You can move private photos/videos into secure vault and hide AppLock itself. In the second case, you can recall it by calling #password from the dial pad or using browser. Apps can be locked automatically at given time or at given location. It is a powerful choice to secure any content on your phone.

2) Smart AppLock

app lock for android

Smart AppLock is another brilliant choice. It will protect any of your installed app, settings, camera, gallary, calls, wifi etc by PIN/password/pattern/gesture.

Do you want to take the pictures of intruder ? Then, activate ‘Observer’ feature in settings. It will capture their photo after failed login attempts and will send it you by mail.


3) CM Security Antivirus AppLock

CM Security comes with inbuilt app lock feature into it. This is my favorite app and I am using it for a long time. Photos, data, bluetooth, camera, calls, settings or any apps can be locked by pattern to protect them from prying eyes and children. Antivirus, call block, system cleaner are other important features of CM Security.


4) Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender is a popular all in one security app with malware scanner, anti theft and app lock. It lets you lock any app, settings, photos, videos using password.


5) Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Another prominent choice to secure your phone contents. It is an alarm plus anti theft plus screen lock app as the name indicates. You will hear a loud alarm, if someone tries to unlock your phone.

Use any of these apps and stop others from from accessing your phone contents and apps. Which is your favorite pick ?


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