20 Tips to Secure your Android Phone and Tablet

Our smartphones are valuable- by means of money and contents stored on it. We can’t easily adjust the situation if we lost or misplaced it somewhere even for a short period of time. Then what will you do if the device is occupied by some thieves or criminals ?

We can secure our smart device in several ways. We spend hundreds of dollars for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus like our favorite devices. So why can’t we make basic security measurements in order to protect our hard earned money and precious information ?

These are the basic tips to secure your Android devices.

  1. Use a PIN, Password or Pattern to lock your device
  2. Download apps from trusted sources only (De-activate Unknown sources under Device Administration which can be found under Settings -> Security)
  3. Turn on Android Device Manager
  4. Update your OS and apps to the latest version (It is necessary to fight against latest malware or hacking threats)
  5. Install anti virus/anitheft software (Don’t forget to scan regularly or at scheduled intervals)
  6. Lock your important apps and phone settings using a security app
  7. Enable GPS settings to track the device in case of theft or emergency
  8. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi when not in use
  9. Do not hand over the phone to strangers for making calls or sending messages
  10. Set up SIM card lock
  11. Make trusted apps as device administrators
  12. Do not root or jailbreak the phone (Some apps will install malwares on your root directory and collect all your information)
  13. Backup your entire data and save it in cloud storage
  14. Approach authorized service centers to repair the phone
  15. Use smart wearables to connect and find the lost companion
  16. Do not click on links from unknown sources or porn sites (It may contain malwares to hack your device)
  17. Activate guest/kids mode
  18. Note down your IMEI number (Dial *#06# from your keypad)
  19. Never join free or unsecure WiFi network
  20. Read the list of permissions before installing any app

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