How to Delete Picasa Photos from Samsung Galaxy s4

How to Delete Picasa Photos from Samsung Galaxy s4. You will probably notice when you first set up your Android device that the Google+ photos (formerly Picasa Web Albums) in your phone’s gallery.

A lot of users think that it’s irritating, and would like to remove it from their Gallery. If you are a Samsung Galaxy s4 user and looking about How to delete Picasa photos from Samsung Galaxy s4, you are at the right place.

Here are the steps to do.

1. Go to your Phone’s Settings

2. Scroll down and tap “Google” under the Accounts subheader.

3. Uncheck “Sync Google Photos” as well as “Sync Picasa Web Albums.”

Next, you need to clear the application data from your Galley. Do this steps now.

1. Go to application manager in your settings.

2. Scroll down and tap “Gallery.”

3. Tap “clear data.”

That’s it. Now you have successfully deleted Picasa photos from your phone. Hope this helps you to Delete Picasa Photos from Samsung Galaxy s4.

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