WhatsApp for Android now lets you mark chats as Unread

The new 2.12.194 WhatsApp update brings the “Mark as Unread” option, which allows you to mark a chat you’ve aleady visited as unread.

nexus2cee_Screenshot_2015-07-21-23-28-40                                                                                     image source: Android Police

Tap and hold on any conversation and you’ll be able to mark it as unread, which switches its status to green but doesn’t affect the read messages status inside the chat or its chronological rank among your conversations.

With the new update, WhatsApp’s Android users can also set custom notifications for contacts and groups.
Users can configure specific tones for calls, messages and popup notification for any contact.
WhatsApp also add an option to use less data for voice calls, which the users can find in the ‘Chats and calls’ > settings.

WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have pushed its latest version to Google Play yet, but you can download it from the company’s official site.

Minimum requirements:

  • Android OS 2.1 or above
  • Unlimited internet data plan recommended
  • Tablet devices are not supported

Third-Party Sources:

  • qcom.c: LGPL 2.1 (WhatsApp Modifications)
  • Apache License 2.0

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