Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2019

Free Messaging Apps

Revolution of smartphones bring changes in every aspect of our life. It becomes our good companion, and we need it for texting, calling, browsing or almost any activities we can perform using a phone.

Free messaging apps made our communication easier, smarter and stylish. It helps you to send any media or nonmedia files without carrier expenses. Moreover than that, users are able to send messages to a large number of people at once with instant confirmation, reply, and other advanced tools that update on regular basis.

1. Whatsapp Messenger

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Facebook-owned Whats app is the no.1 messaging app on the basis of popularity. It offers real-time messaging, free video calls, group chats. You are able to send files of any format including photos, videos, documents to any recipient around the world.

2. Allo

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2019 2

Google recently launched Allo as an alternative to Whatsapp. The social giant was struggling to capture the market share of its rivalry’s, in messaging sector, for last some years and introduced Hangouts like apps, but all of them failed to attract smartphone users.

Now Allo gradually becomes popular with simple, elegant interface and powerful features like smart reply, incognito mode etc. It also lets you send self-vanishing messages to other person using Allo. Google Assistant is another cool feature that brings your messaging to a new era. Just ask any question, or type any query following by #, Google will show the relevant search results in your conversation. Daily subscription of news, fun facts, videos etc are another attractive feature of Allo. It will be delivered to your phone at predefined time intervals.

3. Telegram

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Telegram is another popular choice for messaging through the web. It has a wide range of features when compared to other similar apps and has over 100 million users worldwide. There are no restrictions about file type, size limit for sending via Telegram and your entire chat history won’t occupy any disk space on the device as it will be stored securely in app’s cloud for restore in future. It contains photo, video editing tools as well. The simple and minimalist design is another advantage of Telegram.

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4. Viber

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2019 4

Viber is an excellent app for free long distance calls or all levels of encrypted communications. You can even decorate messages with cool stickers, emojis, photos, videos, audios, files etc.

5. Signal

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2019 5

Signal is easy to use, communication tool to connect with all your friends, others at once with complete privacy. It’s based on open source cryptographic protocols, so you can verify the security any time by auditing the code. High definition voice calls, encrypted messages and group chats are main common features of Signal.

SkypeGroup MePulsePlus Messenger are other popular messaging apps in Play store. Among all these, which is your favorite?

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