Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019

In past, phones were using for making calls and messaging only. Now everything is changed. Present smartphones play a major role in our almost all activities from managing daily routines to office work, business presentations to banking transactions, holidays to shopping and more. then, what about gaming and movies?

Our smart devices do an excellent job in entertainment sector as well. We use them to watch movies or play games anywhere anytime on the go. We already saw best free music downloaders for Android, now turn is for movie apps.

There’re several show box apps, you can make use of to watch and download movies on Android. Some popular apps like Showbox and Cinemabox are not available in Play store and should download apk version from external sources. So we can’t guarantee the security or authenticity of such apps.

Let us go to the best, free movie streaming apps for your smartphones and tablets.

1. Hotstar

Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019 1

Hotstar is one of the best streaming app for watching movies, TV shows, live sports events etc on the go. You can download favorite videos for offline watching. It features old classic as well as trending shows in various languages and other popular live events.

2. Movies Online

Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019 2

Movies online is widely using streaming app that contains more than 9000 HD movies and tv series.

3. YouTube

Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019 3

YouTube is the biggest resource of videos and movies online. It contains such contents from all over the world and you can watch them anytime without any cost. From music videos to television shows, news, cinema, playlists- we can obviously say that still there’s no competitor for Google’s YouTube.

4. Tubi TV

Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019 4

Tubi TV is a free movie & TV streaming app with a huge fan base. It showcases trending movies, dramas, shows, documentaries and animations in full HD and without any subscriptions. You can bookmark favorite videos and works well in Xbox, Chromecast, Smart TVs too.

5. Viu

Best Free Movie Apps for Android 2019 5

Viu is another widely acclaimed video streaming choice for Android. It features not only movies but music, shows, tournaments as well. You can either opt HD or SD quality for videos which spanning across action, romance, thriller, family, horror, comedy genres in more than ten languages.

If you are looking for premium apps to watch movies and videos, Netflix and VidAngel are some of the good options. They have monthly subscription plans to watch contents from unlimited resources in their library.

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