How to Customize an Android phone for Elders ?

Android is the favorite choice among smartphone lovers. This’s naturally because of a wide range of possibilities and functions. We can perform various modern life activities if android phone is in our hand. There’re millions of apps in the play store that makes our day to day affairs more easier or healthier. But what about senior citizens? Are Android devices easy to use for them?

For some people, the answer is no. They may uncomfortable with touchscreen phones as it’s totally different from the feature phones. Android has no physical controls except for basic functioning like power off, adjusting volume etc. Moreover than that, unwanted apps or some other features of smartphone may disturb the seniors.

Our following tips will help you to customize Android for elders.

1. Launcher

Start with a launcher. Install a simple, easy to use the launcher on the phone. It should allow you to customize gestures, home screen and app drawer. Hide apps and app lock are another must-have features in the proposed launcher. You can hide unwanted apps from the drawer, so they won’t disturb the elders anymore. Locking them will add additional security to the phone and to the system features like bluetooth, WiFi etc. Elders may not use such functions, mostly or no one will use phone’s network connection without their knowledge.

Customize phone screen with bigger app icon and label. You will get relevant options in launcher settings.


2. Display & Font size

Increase the screen time out from the basic 15 seconds to at least 2 minutes. Adjust the brightness to automatic or at least 40%. The outdoor mode is another awesome feature and is useful to use the phone under sunlight. But it can be activated instantly only and screen brightness will be increased to next 15 minutes.

Increase the font size. So elders can use the phone more easily. All these options can be managed by going to Display options under Settings.

3.  Customize keyboard

Some keyboard settings will annoy the elder users. Customize or deactivate these settings like spelling correction, voice typing, next word suggestions, gesture typing, emojis etc to suit to the users’ needs.

4. Manage SIM cards

Manage primary and secondary sims for calls and messages, if it’s a dual sim phone.

5. Wallpapers

Use minimalist, solid color or any other wallpaper that uses fewer colors for best display experience.

6. Security

Activate GPS, find my mobile features to locate lost or misplaced phone.

7. Suitable Apps

Install suitable apps like Kwido (utilities), Familyar (social), Math Puzzles or similar in the phone. First two apps are designed specifically for elders and the last one is useful to engage, sharpen their mind. HelpAge SOS can be used in emergency situations by senior citizens in India.

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