Best Password Managers for Android 2019

We need to sign in to various sites and apps nowadays. It includes emails, social media, shopping sites, online banking and many more. Is it possible to remember all these passwords?

Certainly not. Sometimes we may note down such details in a personal diary or notepad. But it will be better if we have a password manager on the device, that will keep track of our login credentials automatically and will bring them in time to get access to various services.

These are best Android apps to store all your passwords. Not only in Android, they will work well in Windows, iOS platforms too.

1. LastPass Password Manager

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 1

LastPass is the leader of password saver apps. It stores all your login details and generates highly secured passwords to use on various occasions. The app is completely free now with support to ads. Stored data is protected by a master password or fingerprint lock in supported devices. LastPass autofill passwords, forms and offers many more features including photo vault, audio notes, password audits etc.

2. Dashlane Password Manager

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 2

Dashlane is another great solution to save your passwords, personal info that you use across the web. It will store your data under different categories and will help you to autofill in login, form fields of apps and websites. Dashlane generates strong passwords for your accounts and no else can access your information as it’s protected by a PIN lock or Google Authenticator.

3. Password Manager SafeInCloud 

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 3

It’s easy to use, secure password saver for Android. It keeps all your passwords, personal info, credit cards, notes in an encrypted database and sync them in cloud storage. SafeInCloud is a premium app with material design, support for several platforms including Android wear and browser integration. Fingerprint lock is another advantage of SafeInCloud.

4. Keepass2Android Password Safe

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 4

Keepass2Android is an open source password manager for Android devices. It’s simple, easy to use that works in offline as well. Your information is secured by a master password and can be used across different operating systems.

5. Keeper

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 5

Keeper is another popular productivity app to store your passwords, documents, personal info and photos. It will generate strong passwords for various accounts and auto-fill them in websites and apps. It can also be used to hide your private photos, videos, files from prying eyes. All your contents are stored in cloud vault and can be accessed by using PIN, fingerprint lock with support to two-factor authentication.

6. Zoho Vault

Best Password Managers for Android 2019 6

Zoho Vault is last on our list, but not the last item actually. It’s an excellent app that I used for a long time to save passwords. It’s lifetime free for individuals and will store credit cards, passport details, important files other than web accounts. Zoho can be used to produce strong passwords for sites and works well in offline too.

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