How to Get Gmail Read Receipts in Android

Gmail Read receipts


Suppose you are on the way now. Need to send an urgent mail to someone. Mailing is not a matter if the smartphone is in your hand. But how can you make sure that he opened and read your mail?

Read receipts are ideal to get confirmation reports of emails once sent. If you are an Android user, install this Email App from Play store. iOS and Windows users should go with web version here as there’s no app version for them.

How to get Gmail Read receipts on your mobile

1. After installing, connect Boomerang to your Gmail account.

2. Make necessary customizations by going to Settings panel from the left pane of the app.

3. Click on Mail icon from the top of the screen to open New Message window.

4. Choose your recipient, type message and finally click on Attachments icon from the bottom right corner. A small popup window will open with Read receipts option. Select it. It will add a footnote to the mail- The sender has requested a  read receipt. If you do not wish to provide one, click here. 

The recipient can reject your request by clicking on the given link. If not, you will get a receipt within a couple of seconds. It should contain details of your recipient’s activities including- the time of opened the message, how many times he read, from which device, what OS etc.

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