The 10 Best Android Games You Should Play in 2017

Android Games

Gaming is the best option for time pass as well as relax your mind. There’re tons of games in Android market on various categories and choice is up to yours. In 2016, we saw a huge new collection and updates in games which make us really addictive to the play.

Our list contains games across several categories and they are notable on various reasons. I mentioned those reasons in the description of respective games.

In short, you should try them at least once in 2017.

1. Rescue the Enchanter

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Start with adventure. Help uncle Henry to find the enchanter who has been trapped for several years in the mystery world. Search for clues, test your brain, solve mysteries and discover the truth. It is a crazy game that offers countless hours of excitement and unforgettable journey which is beyond your imagination.

2. Star Wars: KOTOR

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Bring an awesome role playing gaming experience into your Android. You are assigned to save Galactic Republic by fighting against ruthless Sith. Can you conquer the enemies and lead the entire galaxy to a peaceful future ?

KOTOR offers epic war experience with unique characters, powerful skills, creatures, vehicles, locations, stunning graphics and sound effects.

3. Jungle Mash

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Jungle Mash is simple but addictive puzzle game for Android. Collect treasures from the jungle, overcome obstacles in your way and win the race. The game is filled with fun, excitement and colorful graphics to bring you to a new world of entertainment.

4. Farming Simulator 14

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Bring back your nostalgic farming memories in a new look and feel. It is real life looking challenge and leading manufactures of agricultural vehicles, machines will help you to achieve the harvesting dreams.

5. Stick Cricket Super League

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Stick Cricket is a fantastic choice for cricket fans. Create your player, customize him with awesome add-ons, sign in other players, lead you team to the global super league where tough competition waiting for you from over 70 teams around the world.  Shall we start ?

6. Robinson

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This is the right time to start your own farm. As it is a remote village or island, you have to start from the very beginning. Clear the proposed place, find the building materials and so on. You will be addicted to the nature’s beauty and will seek for such settlements in real life as well.

7. Galaxy on Fire- Alliances

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Galaxy on Fire – Alliances comes to take control of unexplored part of the universe, where valuable resources and ancient artifacts can be found. And you are assigned as best commander of the Terrans, Nivelians and Vossk in order to gain access of the fantastical world.

8. South Park: Pinball

One of the best pinball games for android. Meet your favorite characters from the TV show and join with them in two pinball tables for funny, addictive rounds. The game is noted for its cute visuals, power ups and splendid sound effects.

9. Galaxy Trucker

Do you have clever ideas to build a space ship ? Can you face severe challenges or dangerous enemies at once ? Can you survive terrible situations with smile and peaceful mind ? Then, we call you as Galaxy Trucker.

It’s a popular game on iOS and recently arrived on Android too. It delivers fast pace, energetic play experience in digital format and probably first time on Android.

10. Punch Boxing 3D

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It’s thrilling 3D game for hardcore boxing fans. Compete with over 30 boxers around the world, boost skills using power-ups, make special or unexpected moves and be the champion of the game !

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