How to Use Multi-Window Mode in Android Nougat

Google has launched Android 7.0 Nougat a couple of months back. It introduced some interesting changes in the popular mobile OS to make it more powerful and attractive.

Multi-window mode is one of the main features we will see in Android Nougat. It lets us use two apps simultaneously and will bring our Android experience to the next level.

How to Use Multi-Window Mode in Android Nougat

  1. Open any app of your choice
  2. Long press on the overview button in the lower right corner of the screen (Rectangle icon). The icon will be replaced by two small rectangles to inform you that multi-window mode is activated.
  3. Choose a secondary app from the app switcher to view. If the selected app doesn’t support the feature, you will get this error message – “App doesn’t support split screen”.
  4. To change your secondary app, go back to app switcher. To open it, click on the double rectangle icons at the bottom right corner.
  5. Multi-window feature is available in two modes- Portrait and landscape. To shift in between them, just drag the white divider you see in between the opened apps to two thirds or one-third of your screen.
  6. You can exit multi-window mode in two ways- long press on the double rectangle icon at the bottom right corner. Otherwise, swipe up or down the line that divides both apps.

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