How to Add Your Emergency Information in Android Nougat

We lock smartphone devices for security purposes. But bad things may happen anytime. If something happened to you, how can others access your emergency information? I mean your address, emergency contacts and health conditions.

No one can open your phone unless he is a hacker. Don’t expect a hacker always to rescue your life. So always add your ICE details on your device’s lock screen.

How to Add Your Emergency Information in Android Nougat 1

Android Nougat is launched recently. Let us check how can add emergency information on the lock screen.

  • Go to Settings. Open Users menu. You will find Emergency Information under Lock screen settings. Tap on it.
  • A pop-up box will open. Click Continue.
  • You will see a couple of options under the info tab. Initially open Name and type your name there. Enter your address, blood type in the following fields. If you are not sure about blood group, choose unknown. Enter other requested details including allergies, medications etc.
  • Tap Contacts tab to choose your emergency contact whom can be contacted during an emergency.
  • Tap Add Contact option from the following screen. Choose a person from your contact list. Then, you will be diverted to the previous screen and your chosen contact will be displayed under Contacts tab. You can add multiple contacts to this list by repeating the process.
  • Lock the device. You will see an Emergency button in the bottom of the screen. Click on it.
  • Dialer screen will open with an Emergency Information button in the top. Tap on it.
  • It will show all your information entered in step 3. Tap Contacts tab to find your emergency contacts.

Hope this helps you to add Your Emergency Information in Android Nougat.

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