The 6 Best Travel Apps for Android 2019

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We carry smartphones everywhere we go. It makes our trips easier as we can perform various tasks like ticket booking, hotel reservation, navigation, local deal search, banking and much more through a smartphone. There are a lot of apps that let you find hotel rooms and flight tickets at cheaper rates & locate the nearby attractions with step by step route instructions, voice guide etc.

In this post, we’ll tell you the 6 best Android apps for travelers in 2018.

1. Booking

travel apps android

Booking is a popular travel app to get attractive hotel and holiday home deals. It features millions of properties from hotels, motels and vacation rental categories. You can find stay anywhere in the world, filter the results by price, review score, features etc.

2. TripIt

travel apps android

TripIt will create travel plans for you. Once your booking is confirmed, forward all travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and TripIt will create plans for each of your trips. The plans can be accessed for free from any device you use and you can also share either entire itinerary or specific plans with others.

3. Google Trips

travel apps android

Google Trips is another app to organize all your essential travel info in one place. It automatically collects all your reservation details from Gmail and organizes your trips along with day plans, things to do, nearby attractions, food and drink suggestions etc.

4. Maps

travel apps android

Find the easiest route to reach your destination with traffic updates and public transport details. Google Maps is the most reliable app in the category that also allows you to discover local attractions, hotels, businesses and make reservations wherever you are.

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5. Airbnb

travel apps android

Find places to visit in your nearby area, access last minute accommodations or long-term rentals and book everything to make your travel unforgettable. Airbnb is a top-rated app to reduce your burden during traveling, save experiences, save money or start earning money as host.

6. Google Translate

travel apps android

Can we ignore Google Translate when going for long trips? Nope. It’s such an intelligent app to translate between 100 of languages. Instant camera translation and offline support to 59 languages are some other features which make Google Translate an essential travel companion for us.

It also provides three modes to translate between different languages- camera mode, handwriting mode and conversation mode.

Are you using any specific app for traveling? Which is your favorite app to better manage the trips?

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