How to Disable Individual App Notifications in Android

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Smartphone has become part of our daily life. It can be used not just for making calls and sending messages, but also for reading news, watching movies, navigation, learning new languages and much more. Can you imagine a day without having the smartphone with you?

It’s difficult. That is why I told you in the beginning, it has become part of our daily life. Android features and apps make digital life further easier. We will get apps for almost any purpose from Google PlayStore. Their scope of work in unimaginable or unlimited.

But at the same time, you will be disturbed more with the increase in the apps. They will send you frequent notifications with the latest offers, updates, and others. How can you prevent apps from sending unwanted notifications to you?

Open settings on your Android phone or tablet.

Find the notification menu and tap on it.

Now it will show you all the apps installed on the device along with the toggle on/off button. Here you can disable notifications either from all apps or from individual apps.

On the top of the apps list, you will see All apps option. Drag its toggle button to the right, to stop receiving notifications from all apps. If you want to get notifications from some apps and not from some others, leave the above-said option and find the individual apps from which you want to stop receiving messages. Drag their toggle button to the left to turn off notifications from them.

That’s it. Thereafter they won’t disturb you with unwanted promotional messages, offers etc.

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