The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019

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Are you a social media user?

You may think what ridiculous question is this. On the basis of population, social media has become one of the largest countries in the world. It’s difficult to find a person without a social media account nowadays. Most of us logging into the social sites several times in a day through computers or smartphones. Isn’t it?

Now we’re going to list 6 best social media apps for your Android devices. Here’re they,

1. Facebook

The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019 1

Facebook is the leader of social networking sites at this moment. It connects people around the world and let them share memories, thoughts with others. Carry Facebook in your pocket to post status updates, share photos and videos, follow celebrities and much more.

The Facebook app does more than you imagine. It also work as a marketing place where you can buy and sell products, promote contents, get attractive deals etc.

2. Twitter

The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019 2

Twitter is the network for professionals and serious talks. Discover the latest news and follow talks on politics, entertainment, sports or other interests via Twitter Android app.

Tweet your thoughts, retweet and respond to messages without any delay. Find the latest trending topics and hashtags, explore media files and even create a group conversation – right from your mobile screen.

3. Instagram

The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019 3

The photo sharing sites are the latest trends among social sites. As you know, the popularity of Instagram increases day by day. Common people, celebrities and business are now concentrating on the photo posting site to share their lastest picture stories and market products.

Instagram lets you take instant photos, capture videos and share them with friends to collect their feedback and likes. You can also send disappearing photos and videos to others which will be self destructed after 24 hours of posting.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is another social site for photography enthusiasts. Install it on your Android device and discover trending photo stories, follow category based popular boards and inspire others with your own works.

The Android app can be used to find new ideas, bookmark interesting posts and collect them as your favorites. How addictive you are to the photo sharing sites?

5. LinkedIn

The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019 4

Never miss any opportunity on the go. LinkedIn is the network to connect job hunters and the company. Explore opportunities around the globe, contact recruiters, respond to their messages and more – from your smartphone.

The app allows you to manage profile, add photos, search for people, find jobs, share articles etc as a job seeker or employee. Employers can post their requirements, manage applications received and leverage employees to build more talented workforce.

6. StumbleUpon

The 6 Best Social Media Apps for Android 2019 5

StumbleUpon is a popular social site to discover contents on your favorite topics and store them as lists. It provides photos, videos, articles, quotes, educational posts, infographics, health tips, travel tips, jokes etc and you can download them free or share with friends.

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