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How to Stop Android Apps from Accessing Your Location

We carry smartphones everywhere we go. But do you know that the apps you installed on the device track your each and every moment? It monitors and stores your personal data including the places you visit, shops you entered, movies you watched and many more. We won’t bother if it’s for security purpose. Such tracking

How to go live on Instagram on Android

Today on, we are looking at a basic topic but overwhelm for some users that are related to Instagram. How to go live on Instagram on Android? How do you go live on Instagram? Is that easy? Yes, it is easier than you imagine. How to go live on Instagram on Android Tap  in the

How to get iPhone Emojis on Android

How to get iPhone emojis on Android? Today on AndroidCOnnections, we are learning to get iPhone emojis on your Android smartphones. The basic emoji symbols are actually the same on Android and iOS devices. But the developers from Google and Apple create different looks for each icon. The best methods to use iPhone emojis on Android using

How to Get Cortana App on Your Android Lock Screen

We are familiar with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant app. It is launched nearly three years back and do an excellent job on various OS platforms. How do you feel if Cortana is available on your Android lock screen to obey your orders? Soon you will be able to place Cortana on Android lock screen. The