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How to Customize an Android phone for Elders ?

Android is the favorite choice among smartphone lovers. This’s naturally because of a wide range of possibilities and functions. We can perform various modern life activities if android phone is in our hand. There’re millions of apps in the play store that makes our day to day affairs more easier or healthier. But what about

How to Delete Downloads on Android

Today we are publishing basic tips for users who are using Android devices. How to delete downloads on android? Let’s check this post. To delete download on Android, you need to do these steps. Delete Downloads on Android 1. Open your list of apps 2. Open the Downloads app. If your phone is not rooted, you are not allowed to

Where do i find Clipboard on my Phone

The text has been copied to clipboard. This message will show you when you copy text messages from your smartphone. But where do I find clipboard on my phone? 🙁 … I found this question on an Android forum. He asks that “Text has been copied to clipboard. Can someone please help me find the

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S7

Are you using Samsung Galaxy Note 5? You are awesome. Taking a screenshot on your smartphone is just a basic thing. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy veteran, you probably know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy series. If you are new to Samsung Galaxy series devices and Samsung Galaxy S7 is your first smartphone device,

How to Delete your Flickr Account

Delete Flickr Account – Flickr is one of the world’s largest photo, video sharing site that gives a massive storage of 1,000GB for absolutely free. Flickr’s camera roll auto-upload all your photos and videos, privately storing them in your Flickr camera roll. But in some forums, users ask how to delete their Flickr account. They won’t need