How to Improve your Android Phone Speed (Quick Tips)

How to improve your Android Smartphone speed? Android Operating Systems are supposed to be lighter and faster to keep our personal needs or business needs to be on the move.


There can be hundreds of reasons why your Android Device runs slows over a period. To speedup your phone, you need to do this things. How to Improve your Android Phone Speed. Read this quick tips.



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1. Remove or Disable Apps (Not in Use)

Remove unwanted apps you wont need necessary or you are not using for a period. If you have significant number of apps installed it could slow down your Android device. Some apps can’t be removable like bloatware apps from smartphone manufacturers so you have to disable them.

2. Avoid Live Wallpapers

Its better to avoid live wallpapers. Devices comes with different live wallpapers but you should know that these apps can slow down your device and also thus can drain your battery.

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3. Update your Apps Regularly

You should update your apps regularly that are installed from Google Play Store. App developers fix bugs and add features in new versions so the updated versions might be performs faster and will likely to improve your Android Smartphone speed.

4. Stop Syncing

Syncing is a very good feature that will help you to synchronize your data with Google, but this can reduce your Smartphone performance. So its better to stop syncing feature in your device.

5. Clear your Cache

Used apps will build up caches and that might can slowdown your device. You can delete apps cache regularly to speed up their devices. To remove your cache go to settings>apps>select an app and then click on the ‘Clear cache’ button.

6. Update your Android

Google brings great improvements to each new release of the Android technology so you should update your Android phone to latest firmware. We are sure this will give your device higher performance speed and connectivity with better performance.

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