How to Fix Poor Battery Backup Issue on Samsung Galaxy Alpha ?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been launched recently with stylish look and powerful features. But many users have complained that their battery life exist for maximum a day, within that time it will ask to connect to the charger. Now we will tell you how to overcome this situation.



  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha delivers high resolution viewing experience to the users and naturally it will consume more battery charging than the normal. So Always turn on the auto brightness option or reduce it to the basic level
  • Switch off GPS, WiFi, 3G like features when not in use
  • Reduce background process limit to standard level (Settings -> Developer options-> Apps)
  • Kill unwanted apps and games those running in background
  • Install and use required apps only. High number of apps or games will consume more battery power
  • Use Flight mode when phone is not in use or in low coverage area
  • Deactivate live wallpapers as it will drain your battery quickly
  • Use Greenify  to hibernate apps and add it’s shortcut icon on home screen for quick access
  • Install some battery doctor apps to monitor your battery health and charging activities

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